How to enable FIDO U2F in Firefox?

The latest version of Firefox supports U2F as part of its support for the standardised Web Authentication API, also known as webauthn. However, this may not be enabled by default in your browser, in which case you will need to follow these instructions:

  1. Within the address bar at the top of the browser, type in “about:config” and press enter
  2. If you see a warning page, click the “I accept this risk!” button to continue
  3. Type “u2f” into the search box at the top of the page, above the list of preferences, which will filter the list
  4. You should then see a setting/option “security.webauth.u2f” with its value set to “false”
  5. Right-click on this line and then click “Toggle” in order to enable it
  6. Check that the “value” for this option is now shown as “true”

You can now close this page and try using your Key-ID U2F token with your favourite online services, with Firefox!

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